Coffee recipes? Antonello Monardo will take care

Coffee recipes have never been so exciting; thanks to Antonello Monardo book "Crazy for coffee, Antonello Monardo”.
He moved to Brazil since 1996, Calabrian Antonello Monardo has become synonymous with quality coffee in Brasilia, where he lives and maintain in constant movement a roaster of gourmet coffee and a school for training professional bartenders trained by him for the production of highest quality coffee. The book "Crazy for coffee, Antonello Monardo” is culture in the Brazilian coffee roasting, from bean to cup, is an appropriate mix of passion, of success of an Italian businessman with the memories of the young Italian boy grew up in Calabria with sips of coffee made in moka coffee-maker, in the kitchen of his childhood in Reggio Calabria. It is above all a tribute to Italian ancestors who came to replace the slave labor in Brazil in the coffee plantations, and that made of this land their own land, that they have learned to love as if they were Brazilians. And then many coffee recipes, from traditional to more creative with meat, through a quick but solid glossary on the subject. The evergreen and essential Tiramisu recipe starts the whole, as if Alessandro Monardo has always in his head Italy.  And from his words it seems that this love is always adrenaline, as its caffeine. Info: www.monardo.com.br "Crazy for coffee, Antonello Monardo" Senac Publisher Italian and Portuguese language 84 pages


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