Chosen as Best Emerging Chef of the Central Italy 2010

Luigi Cremona tells the promising Best Emerging Chef of the Central Italy 2010: Mattia Spadone
It won once again the Abruzzo with a young chef of only just 22 years. It is Mattia Spadone of the restaurant “La Bandiera” (www.labandiera.it) in Civitella Casanova, the "Best Emerging Chef of the Central Italy 2010" the now-famous five-year award created by the restaurateur Luigi Cremona and produced by Witaly. To a fierce jury (include at least Laura Mantovano from the Gambero Rosso, Antonio Scuteri from the L 'Espresso, Rossano Boscolo Etoile Academy, Andrea Cuomo -Il Giornale, Gennaro Napolitano and many others) liked the two presented recipes. A light and fresh interpretation of the salt cod and a most traditional rooster in a pan. For the winner the embrace of Carmine Calò and Nicola Fossaceca, past winners. www.porzionicremona.it


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