Chefs Recipes: Cuttlefish with Tenuta Sant'Antonio Amarone

Chefs’ recipes of Marcantonio Sagramoso for Tenuta Sant'Antonio: here is the recipe for Amarone cuttlefish. Tasty and easy!
Here is a recipe of haute cuisine: Tenuta Sant’Antonio Amarone cuttlefish With the collaboration of Chef Marcantonio Sagramoso - Restaurant Le Cedrare has born the idea of this delicacy, to be inserted immediately in your collection of chefs’ recipes. The recipe for six people requires 2 kg of medium-sized cuttlefish, cleaned but not peeled. You start stew red onion, being careful not to fry it, and then add the chopped cuttlefish. It should be cooked over very low heat to dry them slowly and gently. At this point should be added the Amarone, the Selezione Antonio Castagnedi Tenuta Sant’Antonio va is fine! (2 glasses … and one for the cook) and check that slowly releases its alcohol. Add salt and pepper (or chili) and cook for 40 minutes over low heat. The cuttlefish should maintain their flavor and retain the aroma of the Amarone. You can add some laurel to enrich the flavor and even shrimp broth. They should be served hot with soft polenta, preferably white. It is a delicacy to be enjoyed with friends for a tasty dinner with fish.


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