Caraglio Garlic Festival

Sunday, July 4th will take place the second edition of the Festival of the new Garlic of the delicate variety “Caraglio garlic”, Cuneo.
Allium sativum L. commonly known by the name "garlic" is a plant with many beneficial properties for our health: antibacterial, antioxidant, treatment for hypertension and is effective against colds and flu. This bulb as well as being used in herbal medicine - and to have a legendary reputation as a charm against vampires - is one of the bases of popular cuisine around the world, just think of our  simple and popular "spaghetti with garlic, oil and chili". It is seen as a food to avoid on romantic evenings, even if, it is enough to take out the green sprout to not have the “bad breath”. In Italy, between the various types of garlic, it is characterized by a delicate aroma: the Garlic of Caraglio, village in the province of Cuneo. The main property of this garlic comes from the climate and limestone soils, the Dolomite mountains of Grain Valley, home of the famous cheese Castelmagno. Sunday, July 4th for the whole day will be held at Caraglio, the 2nd edition of the Festival of garlic. Presentation, tasting and theme market of the sweet garlic Caraglio proposal from seven manufacturers protection consortium (born 2009),enhancement and promotion in collaboration with the Brotherhood of garlic and the association of tourism promotion Together for Caraglio. So an aromatic place to be.


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