Brunello: not only sale of distillates

Brunello: a name, a reason. Monday, July 5th, 2010 in Montegalda (Vicenza) the cellist Mario Brunello will play at the distillery F.lli Brunello.
Monday, July 5th, 2010 in Montegalda (Vicenza), Mario Brunello, cello among the highest in the world, will play at the Distillery F.lli Brunello for its 170th anniversary. Together with some colleagues, cellist Mario Brunello - whose career began in 1986 when he won the prestigious International Competition in Moscow Tchaikovskj - will perform at the “Distillati musicali”, playing many genres, from classical to rock 'n roll from Bach to the Beatles. The Midsummer festival is a fix date for the distillery, but this year the occasion is important because, with 170 years behind, the company affirm that it is the oldest distillery in Italy. Therefore provides a pleasant evening in a theater of great music on stage which will perform the distillates: after the concert of Mario Brunello, it will follow grappa tastings paired with cigars, sweets and wine. The event is organized in collaboration with Antiruggine, a former factory in Castelfranco Veneto, which Mario Brunello transformed into a space for concerts, musical workshops and cultural activities; the gains will be donated to Caritas.


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