Bourbon Cuisine at the Hotel Zunica of Civitella del Tronto

At the Restaurant Hotel Zunica of Civitella of Tronto (TE) of Daniele Zunica, from 1880 is maintained the tradition of Bourbon cuisine, now available also as gourmet.
In a palace of 600, belonged for almost four hundred years to the Zunica family, was born the beautiful Restaurant Hotel Zunica 1880 (www.hotelzunica.it). Is the last Bourbon fortress, before the arrival of the Savoy impetus. It was with this concept that was born and developed the gourmet kitchen of the inn Hotel Zunica in Civitella of Tronto (TE): preserving the flavors and recipes of the bourbon word, with attention to modernity. Daniele Zunica is the last descendant to take over the restaurant. Educated and thoughtful man, with noble connotations that go well with the blue blood of the dishes, Daniele Zunica was born and raised in the kitchen. The search for the raw material is always linked to the territory, history and the secular traditions of the population. The kitchen for him is a laboratory where to share experiences and where to combine different feelings and thoughts. The two chefs Luca Di Felice and Sabatino Lattanzi, know something: from the window of the restaurant you can see both the Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso; in the dishes you see both the fish of the sea and truffles, mushrooms, Marchigiana meat, organic chicken and rabbit of the land. In this place you can taste really exceptional dishes like Bourbon Beef: is a meeting of cultures, in which the Marchigiana meat is sautéed with Hispanic Madeira. Then you put in the oven with a crust of sourdough bread, mozzarella and Spanish anchovies. The Matriciana pasta is sublime, thanks to the native Campotosto pillow, at two steps from Amatrice. To go to the Restaurant Hotel Zunica in Civitella of Tronto, is to discover ancient tastes of Abruzzo, in an gourmet architectural context of the Bourbon story.


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