Born Già: ready, good, the new wine of FontanaFredda

It comes from FontanaFredda Già: a wine ready in just two months, young and light, born of long years of research
On the occasion of Identità New York, the stunning showroom of Eataly in New York, Oscar Farinetti, the owner of Eataly but also  of the wine house FontanaFredda, presented a major winemaking project of which is very proud: Già. Born after long years of research and experimentation, Già wants to be a wine ready in just two months without being novel, but substantial as a "classic" wine; light, at just 11 degrees, Già is a wine looking for the palate young people. Here's how Fontanafredda submit it to the press, waiting the 8th of December, when will be ready the first bottle: Già will be the first wine of the last harvest. Is not a novel, as it is not produced according to the criteria and techniques provided by the production of the new wine (such as carbonic maceration), nor has a date close to consumption over time. It is just ready before any other wine, whilst retaining the longevity and evolution similar to those of any other young red wine. This wine is made of three wines or the result of the combination of the three most typical and popular grape in the Langhe - Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto - harvested and vinified separately and expertly assembled. Technically, it is a Langhe D.O.C. It is a wine with low alcohol content: just 11 degrees. The reduction of the alcohol is being pursued in the vineyard through the selection of vineyards, the harvest time management and control of yield per hectare, continues in the cellar with the use of methods and technologies suitable for the vinification with this specific purpose. How it is? This wine is ruby red with violet hues; the bouquet is vinous, fruity, very intense, very pleasant and very persistent. The taste is pleasantly dry, good stuff, smooth and velvety, with a distinct aftertaste of almond. It comes in a 1 liter bottle, an ideal format for social occasions at home or in restaurants. The bottle is made from 85% recycled glass.


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