Bonci: Emperor of the (Roman) pizza

Gabriele Bonci is the owner and "artisan of pizza” in his restaurant in Rome, the Pizzarium. Here, it is appropriate to say, crank out good pizza slices, focacia
Gabriele Bonci owns the quaint little place - the Pizzarium - in Meloria, near Heroes' Square in Rome: in his kingdom it is also the craftsman, a proponent of delicious pizza at slice. The shop is small and goes unnoticed, but nevertheless is rarely empty! Gabriel's fame is rightly grown considerably over the recent years, given the quality of raw materials, dough or ingredients for the topping. Difficult to forget the soft dough of his pizza - thanks to the long rising up to 72 hours, with the yeast - and difficult to forget the many varieties of ingredients, excellent quality, with which is garnished. They are raw materials of biological origin, from small manufacturers that Gabriel himself goes to find. Because of its uniqueness and skill in carrying out his profession, we have chosen this "young men" as a representative of his profession in central Italy. The bakery for Gabriele Bonci is the essential yeast, water and flour. Sure seems so easy to create his sublime pizzas, leavened in order to obtain a soft thick, while maintaining a crisp base, the tradition of baked pizza in Rome. Wraps us in a dialogue in which he is the bread, even in its variations of pizza or focaccia as an element widely used in Mediterranean food culture: is the first element, especially here in Italy, if we think of a lunch or dinner, is an element of sharing and aggregation, is rooted in our culture, both atheist and religious (if given a clear-cut distinction). Entering into dialogue with the "pizza men" from Roma, we touch topics related to bakery that go beyond the specific link between the three basic ingredients. We talk about the Trinity - because three is a sacred number and bread is the symbol par excellence of God, Christ's body - and then speak of the universe and of the stars. If we look at a section of pizza - if good yeast - we can perceive visually craters and stars Finally, the comparison between the primordial soup and water mixture, flour and yeast: from microorganisms, bacteria or other, and all originated in the same way the creation comes to life in the hands of a bakery or pizza men. What artisan (in this field) has an almost divine power to give life to substance? www.gabrielebonci.com


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