Best Sommelier 2010 of Italy? Nicola Bonera

Nicola Bonera is the new Best Sommelier 2010 of Italy. He preceded the two gentlemen Gabriele Del Carlo and Niccolò Baù. Congratulations to all 16 finalists!
Nicola Bonera is the Best Sommelier 2010 of Italy: 31 years old, born in Brescia, works as a wine consultant for different restaurants and wine bars. Bonera won the Franciacorta Award, winning the competition that was held in Perugia in the Pavone Theatre on the occasion of the 44th National Congress of Italian Sommeliers (Ais). During a tight challenge he preceded Gabriele Del Carlo and Niccolò Baù. This edition saw the participation of 16 sommeliers in the semi-finals. "The average level of preparedness of the candidates was very high, as evidenced by the scores obtained during the semifinals. As in all competitions the winner is just one - said the president of Ais, Terenzio Medri - but never like in this case, I want to emphasize the professionalism of all competitors. It is the road we have taken in recent years, which led the sommelier to play the role of communicators of the excellence of the great Italian vineyard”.


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