Best emerging chef in the North 2010

Who will be the best emerging chef in Northern Italy 2010? Let's find out together on 14-15 November at the Certosa Cantù Casteggio (PV).
Returns the anticipated date for the Best Emerging Chef Award in Italy at this time of the Northern Italy, in a wonderful location of the eighteenth century Certosa Cantù, in Casteggio near Pavia in two days on Sunday 14 and Monday, November 15, 2010. The award will be organized by Witaly, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Pavia and presented by the journalist Luigi Cremona, creator of the event. The race provides the use of local products Pavia, recommending the match with local vines. In the race are the emerging chefs of Lombardy and from the rest of northern Italy, selected by some of the best journalists in the industry (including Carlo Spinelli of ItaliaSquisita) and from the different regions examined. The award will begin on Sunday 14th with the selection of the chef of all these areas, up to the finalists, who, on Monday, 15th, will compete for the title of Best Emerging Chef of Northern Italy in 2010. Here is the detailed schedule: Sunday, November 14th 11 am Opening Event, Exhibition of Products and Wine tasting Certosa and Caveau Hall 11.15 am The Qualification for the final (the best 2) The Lombardy Lorenzo Santi, La Maniera di Carlo restaurant in Milan Alessandro Cogliati Due Scale restaurant in Luino Luigi Gandola Salice Blu restaurant in Bellagio Massimiliano Limadori La Cave restaurant in Casteggio 13:00 The risotto in Caveau (first traditional recipe) 15:00 Qualification for the final (the best 2) The rest of the North Daniele Lunghi Locanda Canevari restaurant in Volpedo Christian Milone Zappatori restaurant in Pinerolo Davide Cannavino Voglia Matta restaurant in Genoa Mattia Manetti C’era una volta restaurant in Cussignacco Giuseppe Nasti Alla Fortuna restaurant in Grade Marianna Pillan Zenzero restaurant in Grumolo 18:00 The risotto in Caveau (second traditional recipe) 20:00 Closure Monday, November 15th 11:00 Presentation of the guide Hotels & Restaurants of the Touring 2011 Awarding of the "Golden Wheels" & Certificates 12.30 am The risotto of Claudio Sadler 13:00 Final of the Award 16.30 Awards 17:00 Closing event For the occasion, will be presented the new Guide Hotels & Restaurants of the Touring Club 2011, in the presence of the Director of Touring, Alberto Dragone and of the curators Teresa and Luigi Cremona. Will also be given the Golden Wheel and some Certificates, to reward the best facilities in the categories "Good Cooking", "Italian Rooms", "Top of tomorrow." Info: http://www.certosacantu.it/ or http://blog.witaly.it or www.porzionicremona.it


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