Bees, queens of Versilia

Thursday, July 29, 2010 meeting at the 31st Festival La Versiliana with "Honey and bees" promoted in collaboration with the Consorzio Honey DOP of Lunigiana
Thursday, July 29, during the 31st Festival La Versiliana, at Marina of Pietrasanta (LU), you can participate at a "laboratory of the peasant," whose focus will be the honey and bees, honey supported by the Consorzio Honey PDO of Lunigiana. The starring of the appointment with the laboratory of peasant of Versiliana from Marina of Pietrasanta (Lu), sponsored by the Foundation in collaboration with Consorzio “Toscana Produce”, the honey farmers of the Consortium of Tutela, the first in Italy to be awarded with the label, which will be led by the children through all the steps from flower to honey. There will also be a glass case with the queen bee and worker bees, and a small hive to accompany the fun lesson. Teachers will be the President of the Consortium, Andrea Vivarelli and the honey farmer, Fabio Venè accompanied on the journey by Claudio Sottili. For all participants, children and adults, there will obviously the possibility to taste the very valuable bee product of Lunigiana. www.laversilianafestival.it


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