Bee bee bees, a supportive bee-aperitif

Supportive aperitif and dinner with honey
Saturday 15th and Sunday, 16th of May, 2010, anyone who is lover of the bee's nectar can go to Villa il Palazzo, near Turin, and attend the event “Di Rosa in Rosa”. During the event, in the afternoon will be established a laboratory of natural food and nutrition awareness led by Angela Broda from La cuisine bio équitable. Participants will be asked to learn and express themselves in person on the "stove" using honey in combination with other products available for all participants. In the evening, however, there will be a cocktail / dinner, during which the Thun honey will be accomplices along with the farm produce from Alpe Garina and with the wines Balbiano to support the initiative, whose profit will be donated to the Red Cross. Info: www.mielithun.it


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