Autumn leaves by Guardini

Autumn Leaves: Hi-Top steel molds signed Guardini, which also offers delicious fast recipes
Here comes a new season, fall, and carries with it a desire for change and fresh and creative ideas. The spirit of the romantic dreamer "Autumn Leaves" enters even into the kitchen with the proposals of Guardini celebrating with touches of warm orange one of the seasons full of colors and shades. The molds recall the hues of autumn and the warmth of a sweet homemade at the arrival of the first cold. Made of Hi-Top steel with single-layer non-stick Tower coating inside and orange on the outside, the Fall line wakes up the sweet pleasure of cuddling with intense flavors and soft and smooth textures. And for those who are looking for tips: on the back of each mold labels are fast and delicious recipes and tasty recipes for sweet to heat even more tables in the colder seasons. For those who want to prepare tasty roasted in an easy and fast way, "Giotto" is a very useful tool. Made of Hi-Top steel with First Dupont Teflon non-stick coating monolayer, Giotto is the pan to cook the roast in oven, perfect for chestnuts baked to perfection, prepared without blacking the stove or burn your fingers. www.guardini.com


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