At the restaurant, the wine is brought from home

BYO: Bring Your Own Wine. London-based strategies for attracting new customers.
Something is happening, even in  starred restaurants: the economic crisis, competition, the need for new proposals, not only for cooking, has created a new trend: bringing wine from home to the restaurant. We read the news of Enrico Franceschini from Repubblica, which points that the London fashion is not stopping at small restaurants and bistros, but is affecting restaurants with two Michelin stars: A growing number of restaurants have launched the BYU formula, “Bring Your Own”, we understand “wine”: bring your own  wine bottle from home. Besides, you know, unless you want to explore exceptional mix and match tastings, wine is often only one item which impacts heavily on the bill. So, few words to the ones that understand, and customers may present with the wine which they bought at the store or at the supermarket, to be sure that even is a good wine, they spent less they would have spent at the restaurant. Looks like an Italian “do-it-yourselfer”, taken from the historic “schiscetta” of Ariccia or from the Roman Castles, but here it opens the world of copyright emblazoned restaurants. It is a choice to save more and enjoy your meal? Of course, we must fight stereotypes, shame and traditions, but is certainly an idea that could be discussed even in Italy.


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