Artisan Pastry from A to Z

Emilia Chiriotti and Enrico Médal have composed a pastry Dictionary published by Chiriotti editors and Bibliotheca Culinaria
How many times have been told, in gourmet conversations, words like "Sicilian cannoli," "sweet muffins”, "Grandma's cake", "cookie lady's kisses", "pie with whipped cream" or "rustic baba"? And how many times, at home or in the nearest pastry shop (most comfortable), we started the work and we have not retained from the gorgeous feast? But it also happens that in front of a recipe are unknown ingredients (what is the "Yuzu"?), tools ever seen, technical or mysterious additives ever used (corn starch or xanthan). In addition to new trends including the classical desserts may raise doubts and curiosity, from artisan panettone to the curly puffs, from fruit jellies to the croissants.Designated for a quick reference, this volume, the work of Emilia Chiriotti and Enrico Médal, has about 2000 terms related to the world of pastry, touching several categories: equipment, identikit of sweet ingredients, key figures in the history of pastry, processing, preparation and decoration techniques. "Dictionary of artisan pastry" Chiriotti Publishers - Bibliotheca culinaria Italian Language 348 pages


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