Arcangelo Fornaro and the best homemade pasta

Arcangelo Fornaro, from the pasta factory Le Gemme del Vesuvio, tells to ItaliaSquisita how has to be the best homemade pasta. Secrets and legends on the sale of handmade pasta.
Arcangelo Fornaro is a young man that goes crazy for the handmade pasta. Works with Le Gemme del Vesuvio pasta factory (www.legemmedelvesuvio.com), and knows all the secrets behind the best drawing and drying. ItaliaSquisita not let slip this opportunity to ask how should be the best homemade pasta, now that are everywhere formats and labels that can mislead. And each day comes a new theory, a new trend (as for example the drawing in gold!) that could mislead us. So let’s hear the very interesting interview with Arcangelo Fornaro on homemade pasta and on homemade pasta sale. Enjoy!


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