Aperitif in Milan? The Italian Tapas

The aperitif places in Milan are common, but a romantic and creative aperitif in Milan is not easy to find. This is the QuattroCento of Max De Luca.
The atmosphere, music and energy of the bars in Milan now have a new and exciting gourmet place, driven by Max De Luca, owner of the QuattroCento, and developed by the two new chefs, Charlotte and Diego. The intention is to propose an alternative Milan aperitif, without the buffet, but, as is traditional Spanish, accompanied by tastings that the customer chooses directly from the Tapas menu. What emerges is a philosophy of comfort food. Among the proposals: the delicate "Fried Anchovies", the crispy "fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce", the "mozzarella in carriage" a delicious classic, the "Rabbit in porchetta”, the summer "veal with tuna sauce” and “Octopus with potatoes and olives”. The drink, preferably by appointment and attended by a select audience, is served at the table: no buffet. The drink arrives, initially accompanied directly by a plate of finger food. Following, then, the pace of appetite, continue ordering one or more courses from the "Tapas Menu”. An outdoor aperitif, Milan Italian tapas. What could you want more in this hot summer in Milan? The most intriguing among the outdoor restaurants in Milan. Info:www.4cento.com


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