Antonello Salis and "La genuina": Halal certificate food

Antonello Salis, Sardinian contractor, produces Halal and Kosher salumi and ... Sardinian Salumi
Antonello Salis took over, in the '80s, the business of his parents,  raising it from the level "family" how  was started in the 50s: he decides to keep alive the tradition of Sardinian sausages but to give a personal touch to the production “La genuina "(www.lagenuinaonline.it), giving birth to Kosher meats (since 1996) and Halal (since 2006). This path towards integration at the table is accompanied by the security provided by a series of certification bodies such as the Amana Halal. Unique in its field in Italy, Antonello Salis, received this year the Green Oscar from Coldiretti for innovation in agriculture. Kosher and halal food? We start from the meaning of the word Halal: the term refers to everything that is permissible according to Islam, and is opposed to Haram, that means forbidden. A food is Halal if it meets all requirements of the Islamic Food Code, which has as its sources, the Koran and the Sunna. So for the production of Kosher meats (suitable to Jewish law) and Halal is completely banned the use of meat derived from pigs. So what is the alternative adopted by this craft? Sheep, goats and cattle with full attention to the whole process according to religious rules: from the herd of animal, to slaughter, and to the production of sausages. It was created a certification body guarded by Imam Abdellaoui Salaheddin, which allows the export of food to all the Islamic community to ensure a completely respectful of the claim described in the Koran. Thanks to an interdepartmental agreement was also created the brand "Made in Italy Halal ".


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