An acrobatic glass for mineral water

A new glass designed by Ferrarelle spa, created by the inspiration of the designer Carlo Casagrande.
In occasion of the sponsorship of the great Milanese exhibition dedicated to the maestro Gualtiero Marchesi, Ferrarelle Spa has presented his design glass "Effe", made of blown glass, which, with its teardrop shape brings the unique taste of the not plain or not sparkling water. Besides having a great visual impact the original glass by designer Carlo Casagrande, due to its ability to cling by applied magnetics steel beneath the base to metal surfaces, can be hung upside down, and so can be stored in unusual places, freeing badly stacked cups from the pantry. Since the magnet is a sphere in contact with a plane metallic surface, touches only one point so that once hooked turns on itself to find the best alignment of center of gravity, but without accidentally fall off. A new water glass from Ferrarelle Spa www.ferrarelle.it


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