Amelie Nothomb and the kitchen

Do you know Amelie Nothomb and her bibliography? Her younger sister, Juliette, wrote a book about his gourmet passion shared with the Belgian writer
Amelie Nothomb is a Belgian writer, author of numerous novels and short stories  in French, who spent most of his life in Asia (moving between China and Japan) falling in love with the oriental culture. But only when she settled in Brussels found a way to free her drive for creative writing; in Belgium, in fact, published her work entitled "Hygiene of the assassin", the origin of her enormous literary success.  In the book "The cooking of Amelie," the younger sister Juliette Nothomb reveals the secrets of the figure of Amelie as the recipient of an affectionate "culinary dedication": did you know that Amélie Nothomb is crazy about zucchini and blackcurrant? And with a little fantasy the cream enriched with green tea can transform the classic Mont Blanc in a very good Mount Fuji, in homage to the beloved Japanese land by the writer Belgian?  Among the cookbooks, this is certainly one that comes closest to the idea of Proustian evocation of memories through food: the taste and originality of many recipes reworked by Juliette in first person to add Amelie memories and childhood stories of the two sisters around the world, the irony of an expert cook who knows how not to take too seriously the strict advice of gourmet and extracts from works by Amelie Nothomb inspired or related to the ability of its characters to taste the food and the  existence. Mouth-watering and quality recipes, explained precisely and ironically, in a book to read and browse very nicely not only between the stove. The volume, containing cartoons of the French designer Jul, will be presented: July 15th, 2010 in Milan, in the library Utopia Via della Moscova, 52; 16th in Rome in library Fanucci Piazza Madama, 8; 17th at Viterbo at the the Caffeina Festival.


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