After Identità Golose... BON in San Marino

BON: Identità Golose continues in San Marino on March 1st, as Identità di Libertà
At San Marino, the next March 1st, will take place BON, an event on his debut that demonstrates the desire of San Marino to open themselves to the world through the paths of quality cuisine. The theme of BON in this first edition is Freedom and Identity. "Tradition and Innovation in the kitchen - says Paolo Marchi – have to be as Scylla and Charybdis, as eternal cardinal points, north and south among which the man moves along. We can also call fidelity and freedom, loyalty to what good comes from the past and freedom to try new products, new flavors, new processing." San Marino on March 1st will be therefore ground for discussion and demonstrations with chefs such as Pietro Leemann, single star chefs for its vegetarian dishes; Emanuele Scarello, President of the Jeunes Restaurateurs, and Giacomo Gallina of Gold in Milan. And Pietro Zito, chef-farmer; Rocco Princi, revolutionary baker; Giusy Foschia, growing herbs; Dario Zidaric, amazing cheese-maker, Alessandro Marchesan, winemaker and sommelier. Will be present also in San Marino Massimo Bottura, chef who perhaps more than any other, today, pantry creativity and excitement at who closer the signature cuisine.


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