Adopt a garden through Agrycult!

In a historic moment of deep crisis of agriculture in Italy (the worst since the war), the only way for salvation is an agreement between consumers and farmers.
Agriculture is undergoing a profound historical crisis: consumers may not give much weight to the current situation, since what is most important when spending is the price, often at the expense of quality evaluation. Just the other day, among the news of the newspaper “La Repubblica”, there was an article written by Carlo Petrini (founder of Slow Food) in which he analyzed and emphasized issues related to agriculture in Italy: the price at wholesale products now reduced to a minimum (the emblematic case of carrots, farmers were paid 9 cents per kilo!) to the almost total absence of young people who devote themselves to the land.The current situation is worrying: "Our agriculture is not immune from the processes of industrialization, centralization and more concentration of agriculture that have invested in other European countries along the lines of what happened in the United States: is the idea that we can produce food without farmers”, says Carlin Petrini. And without farmers the agribusiness made in Italy is destined to die and then will be our fault. How it is true that the charges between the final price and the original price rise is high, so it is true that consumers expect prices so low that they cannot complain about the poor quality of products without even knowing how to recognize real quality (rising up for the zucchini for € 6 per kilo in the winter when the demand in this season for this vegetable is crazy!) A good initiative that leads individuals to make responsible and sustainable choices, helping to bring the consumer to the producer, comes from the farm of Parco dei Buoi since 2005, sharing with the subscriber-friends  an organic garden in Molise. This time the membership of the vegetable changes from Parco dei Buoi  to Agrycult who will arrange deliveries and orders in addition to constant communication directly through the gardener, the various stages of cultivation: sowing, transplanting, harvesting etc. Who will adopt a garden can receive weekly - and, given the time, even in the resort - a variety of products: tomatoes (various types), eggplants, peppers, chilies and friarielli, zucchini, lettuce, pumpkins, potatoes, peas , onions, beans, green beans, melons. Shipments will begin in mid-July and ends in mid-October, with a choice of three different subscription amounts of vegetables and fruit delivered to your home. An interesting project that could be a step in the difficult path to food consumer education, that are all of us. For more information: www.agrycult.com


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