A tasty Recipe for the summer at the Collina Restaurant

Great desserts recipes: raspberry parfait of the chef Mario Cornali
Restaurants in Bergamo: with the reopening of outer space of the Collina Restaurant from Almenno San Bartolomeo, we present you a fresh summer recipe of the new menu, the raspberry parfait of the chef Mario Cornali. Ingredients:
  • Cream 500 gr
  • Raspberries Pulp 250 g
  • Italian meringue 250 g
  • Icing sugar 75 g
Procedure: Whip the cream with the sugar. Mix the meringue with the pulp. Combine the two mixtures and put into a mold. Ingredients for the Italian meringue:
  • Sugar 500 gr
  • Water 125 g
  • Egg white 250 gr
Procedure: Create a syrup with sugar and water and bring to 121 degrees. Simultaneously whip the egg white until stiff and slowly pour the syrup. Allow to cool. For more information on the other delicious summer menu dishes: www.ristorantecollina.it


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