A high refiner of typical Italian cheeses

Renato Brancaleoni, refiner of cheeses, experienced and creative in his "Fossa dell’abbondanza" at Roncofreddo (FC) in Romagna
It all began in Roncofreddo in the valley of Rubicone with the sacrifice and the work that leads to experience, and then comes the passion and the ability to experiment. The link with the territory and family, from 250 years in this area with activities of commerce, is the fundamental element in the professional growth of Renato Brancaleoni that has embraced the traditions connected with the production of cheese, and preservation. Arts, the latter, in which Renato and his daughter Anna excel, making the current custodians of an ancient tradition that has led them to be among the best refiners nationally, up to represent Italy in the World Cup field: the "CASEUS AWARD" of Lyon in France. How to make cheese? Refine the goat cheese, sheep cheese or cow cheese? The maturing why and when it happened? Brancaleoni provides good explanations - and examples of materials - on the aged cheese, blue cheese and variations of the typical Italian cheeses. We must therefore assume that the fresh cheese that was not disposed of (sold) should be kept and then seasoned. In past years, to preserve the cheese, were developed different ways. Basically two: in winter, after the transhumance, the excess of cheese produced was keet in the ash, in the spring, the cheese rich in nutritional value (because of the rich supply of grazing animals) was kept in walnut leaves. Today "to refine" is not just about age, preserving, but "mark the taste." One who, like Mr. Renato and his daughter Anna, not only refines the cheese and mature the cheese, but supplies of typical Italian cheeses and gives them a new flavor, aroma brand that has the distinctive stamp of the product. To cite just two examples of the wide range of dairy products of the “Fossa dell’abbondanza”: one of the most vivid blue cheese I've ever tasted, which is aged in marc of Albana grapes and a sheep cheese, which is wrapped in a crust beeswax and saffron. For more information: www.fossadellabbondanza.it


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