A dinner at the Stua de Michil in a silence full of words

The Hotel La Perla in Corvara organizes in the stared Restaurant La Stua de Michil, dinners where silence is the protagonist and fellow of refined tastes.
The Costa family is organizing from a few years at the end of this season, in their magnificent Hotel La Perla in Corvara, the weekend of silence. This year, every Wednesday in July was made the night of silence and I attended one yesterday evening, July 28. Guests are invited to leave watches and mobile phones, and greeted by the whole family in vintage clothes start at 19:00 a night in silence. There can be no talk ... ... ... .... Oh God, how can I do this? After a delicious and sparkling aperitif in the old house, where appear in the group "elves" and "visitors in costume" you move through the garden and the garden in the restaurant Stua de Michil where the chef Arturo Spicocchi had prepared a delicious dinner. The entire environment is warm and welcoming, fresh flower arrangements adorn the table, goblins roam entertaining and amusing the guests with small gifts and playful games. Meals are served with grace and elegance. We are able to talk only through written tickets. The beginning is difficult but gradually between courses, a sip of wine, the game is fluid and the evening becomes playful. We taste a fresh "vegetable carpaccio" as an appetizer paired with a Riesling selection La Perla Strasserhof; followed by a Risotto with maple vinegar and veal marrow, served with a Lagrein 2007 Griesbauerhof followed by a Milanese deer with carrots, cherries and kohlrabi.  Finally, a pie of raparossa with buttermilk ice cream combined with a late harvest "Essence" 2006 Pojer & Sandri. The dinner is over, Michil "free" us: we can talk again. It is 23:30; the time flew in silence full of words and flavors to remember.


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