A cous cous festival in Milan

In September, the typical Sicilian cuisine restaurant "Al Ficodindia” in Milan will take place a cous cous festival simultaneously with that of San Vito Lo Capo
Ancient herbs, guarded recipes, places and cultures, this includes the Sicilian cuisine; every dish finds a unique history, marked by flavors, colors and unique scents. The Al Ficodindia restaurant, one of the most typical Sicilian restaurants in Milan pays tribute to this culinary culture, with a cuisine revisited and relieved by the hands of the young chef Salvatore Giaramida, combining in a balanced way past and present, tradition and innovation. Just the Al Ficodindia restaurant, organizes a special week (21nd to 26 th of September 2010) to celebrate the great event of Cous Cous Fest held in parallel at San Vito Lo Capo, Trapani. A chance to taste the two house specialties: the cous cous fish Trapani, precious red mullet, cinnamon and tasty soup and couscous with vegetables, tasty vegetarian delight; for the occasion will be taste too the special couscous dessert. At the stove is cooking the cous cous, Chef Salvatore Giaramida, fromTrapani which know well this dish, because for years he has worked just at the Il Ficodindia of San Vito Lo Capo. www.ristorantealficodindia.it


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